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Oh, My Mondays – Ichabod Crane

Before I start today’s post, I should warn you that all my post this weak will feature gifts of my favorite little, annoying blonde one, Veronica Mars, and her friends. The trailer to the Veronica Mars Movie was recently released , something I’ve been waiting for since 2007, and I’m still riding the high. 


Because Of Sleepy Hollow and the incredible hotness that is Ichabod Crane, Mondays have become my favorite day. As such, starting today I will start posting about something else I love, my hot fictional boyfriends. For the first ever Oh, My Mondays, I thought that I’d start with the guy who started it all. Ladies and….more ladies, without further ado, I give you Mr. Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane.



Awww, isn’t he cute. I love that little smile.

And, just because I like looking at him.

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I love the little side-eyed looks he gives Abbie.



And, because I think this is the funniest scene from the entire series (and there are lots), the baseball game scene from Sin Eater.


Okay, that’s it….well, no it isn’t. I just have to add this:


And, because I’m a huge Ichabbie shipper, also this:


Okay, that’s all for Mr. Crane. But, before I go, just a quick update. I am putting the finishing touches on my new book, which I hope to have published next week. It is not part of the Clique of Misfits like I’d planned, instead it is a story that came to me late one night. The characters, Arielle and Blayze, took ahold of me instantly and wouldn’t let me go until I told their story. Faith’s story, from the Misfits series, will still be published this month, hopefully by the end of it. At least, that is what I have planned for now. If that changes, I will update this blog and post it on my Facebook page.

See ya next week with another of my fictional boyfriends. I’ll leave you with Mr. Dick Casablancas to express how I feel right now.







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