Ring the Alarm (Clique of Misfits Book 1)



Happye Nichols had a safe life. She had a sister she loves, a job she was good at, but she wasn’t truly living. She wasn’t happy but she was content. Comfortable. That was until a tragedy rocked her world and turned her into the most hated person in the city. When she is assaulted by a beloved local hero, people are quick to take sides. The press painted her a gold-digging liar. She received death threats and lost her job. Just when she wanted to give up, billionaire Drake Powell swooped in to pick up the pieces, refusing to let her go down without a fight. With his love, his stubborn command that she rejoins the land of the living and the sensual, amazing things he does to her body daily, she finds the will to stop being a victim and become a survivor. Soon Happye is caught up in a much bigger conspiracy than she originally thought. With the help of five other women who lives were also touched by the same corrupt hand, she learns she’s much more of a fighter than she thought she was. The women risk their lives to find justice not only for themselves but other women in the same situations.   Drake Powell has wanted Happye since the first time he laid eyes on her. He has loved her from the moment she first smiled at him. When she becomes broken, he knows he has it in him to fix her. But does he have the strength to keep her alive when she, and her new crazy friends, go up against a killer?


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